Royal Dutch Shell articles

Shell admits climate policy threat to profits


Oil major's 2013 Strategic Report highlights company will face project delays and higher costs unless it can reduce emissions

14 Mar 2014

Twenty questions investors should ask Shell about Arctic drilling

Arctic offshore drilling photo by Steve Morgan Greenpeace

Greenpeace and Share Action launch grassroots campaign to increase green shareholder pressure on companies

25 Feb 2014

Peterhead carbon capture and storage project snares UK funding

A coal power plant with a cooling tower

Ed Davey confirms "multi-million pound contract" for project trapping CO2 from gas-fired power station and burying it under the North Sea

24 Feb 2014

Natural Environment Research Council inks controversial research partnership with Shell

Greenpeace brands Memorandum of Understanding a "grubby deal diverting public money into the pockets of the world's largest corporation"

10 Feb 2014

Shell scraps Arctic drilling plans for 2014

Company confirms US legal battle means further delays for controversial exploration

30 Jan 2014

Shell's Arctic drilling set back by US court ruling

Appeal court rules environmental risks have not been properly assessed by government in victory for green groups

24 Jan 2014

Shell facing tough questions over Arctic ventures as profit warning hits home

Could Shell's financial woes be a sign of things to come as oil majors face up to escalating costs?

17 Jan 2014

Government accused of complacency over Arctic drilling

MPs on Environmental Audit Committee reiterate call for moratorium on controversial drilling in the far north

27 Jul 2013

Shell refuses to save the Arctic, but its customers still could

Brendan May argues progressive business leaders could create a market free from Shell's ecological vandalism

24 Jul 2013

Shell chief: Businesses cannot wait for climate policy to be perfect

Peter Voser says companies must 'move and take some risks' if energy system is to be reformed

06 Jun 2013

Vince Cable: 'No problem' allowing Green Investment Bank to borrow

Business Secretary insists Bank is not overly constrained, as Vantage Power picks up Shell Springboard award for hybrid bus technology

15 May 2013

Oil majors under EU investigation over alleged oil and biofuel price fixing

Shell, BP and Statoil confirm they are facing EU probe that saw offices raided in two countries

14 May 2013

Small business boom targets green export opportunity

Start-ups in low-carbon industries are almost twice as likely to export goods and services as their peers in other sectors

14 May 2013

Shell to drive LNG adoption with Volvo Trucks

Companies sign partnership agreement to help commercial heavy-duty vehicles convert to the low-emissions fuel

28 Mar 2013

Should the EU set a CCS target?

Shell climate change adviser says Commission should be more 'heavy handed' with industry to scale up carbon capture and storage technology

26 Mar 2013

Shell to 'pause' Arctic drilling for 2013

Green groups welcome move, but company insists it will look to resume controversial exploration programme at 'a later date'

28 Feb 2013

HSBC: Oil majors at risk from 'unburnable' reserves

HSBC study finds meeting international climate goals could strip 60 per cent of the value from companies such as BP, Shell, and Statoil

29 Jan 2013

Updated: MPs slam Cameron for failing to protect Arctic from oil spill risk

Prime Minister accused of abandoning huskies and refusing to 'take a lead' on Arctic protection

15 Jan 2013

Shell's Arctic drilling plan under threat after US government orders review

Grounding of Kulluk rig the latest in a series of mishaps, raising possibility that Shell may be forced to re-evaluate its proposals

09 Jan 2013

Shell under fire as Arctic oil rig runs aground

Greenpeace accuses oil giant of being 'utterly incapable' of operating safely in the Arctic oceans

02 Jan 2013

Can Shell’s 'stress nexus' change the conversation about natural resources?

An oil company tries to foment a conversation about the linkages between energy, food, and water. What's going on here?

19 Dec 2012

Waitrose halts plans to expand Shell partnership

After intense campaigning from Greenpeace, the supermarket has suspended plans to open more shops in petrol stations

13 Dec 2012

Waitrose urged to freeze links with Shell's Arctic drilling

Greenpeace launches campaign condemning supermarket's new partnership with Shell, but Waitrose insists the deal is 'tiny'

04 Dec 2012

Renewables and gas firms unite to build low carbon future

New Energy Partnership will be launched today by GE, Dong Energy, Shell, Alpine Energie, and First Solar

31 Oct 2012

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