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European leaders ask Obama to allow increased exports of US shale gas

Barak Obama and Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande and Enrico Letta at the G20 summit in St Petersburg in September 2013

EU seeks to break Russian stranglehold on energy supplies – but US president says Europe must step up its own fracking

27 Mar 2014

Waitrose rolls out low carbon lorries

Waitrose dual fuel lorry

Supermarket trials six aerodynamic, dual-fuel trucks developed in conjunction with Cambridge University

18 Mar 2014

Does the UK need fracking exclusion zones?

fracking shale gas site

National Trust, RSPB, and Wildlife Trust publish new 10-point plan designed to ensure UK shale gas regulation is fit for purpose

13 Mar 2014

Norwegian government reviews fossil fuel divestment plan

Independent panel to assess whether country's giant wealth fund should quit oil, coal and gas investments

03 Mar 2014

Sainsbury's to drive green gains with expanded dual-fuel truck fleet

Clean Air Power celebrates as company awarded contract to provide supermarket giant with 50 more dual-fuel truck retrofits

25 Feb 2014

Natural Environment Research Council inks controversial research partnership with Shell

Greenpeace brands Memorandum of Understanding a "grubby deal diverting public money into the pockets of the world's largest corporation"

10 Feb 2014

Shell scraps Arctic drilling plans for 2014

Company confirms US legal battle means further delays for controversial exploration

30 Jan 2014

Oil price volatility undermines economic growth, says Sir David King

Report co-authored by the former government chief scientific adviser says fossil fuels damage more than the environment

28 Jan 2014

Asda buys into LNG to reduce fleet emissions

Supermarket orders 50 Volvo hybrid tractors for its new Avonmouth distribution centre

09 Dec 2013

Ofgem pumps £59m into grid innovation projects

From grid robots to bio-gas, 10 projects set to share grid research and development funding

02 Dec 2013

Gas industry employee seconded to draft UK's energy policy

Documents reveal Decc's head of capacity market design comes from ESB, which owns three gas-fired power plants

11 Nov 2013

DHL delivers emission savings with expanded LNG fleet

Logistics company now has 101 dual fuel vehicles, making it the largest operator of heavy trucks using the technology in Europe

30 Oct 2013

Abramovich backs Clean Air Power in gas-powered truck push

Russian billionaire takes small stake in dual fuel technology specialist as part of £5m share issue

23 Aug 2013

The top five reasons why drilling for shale gas is a fracking good idea

Ken Cronin of UKOOG hits back at Friends of the Earth's warnings over UK fracking

14 Aug 2013

Dear Prime Minister, please show your shale gas working

The Prime Minister reckons we should "encourage fracking and cheaper prices" – could he please explain how the two are linked?

09 Aug 2013

Norwegian government study raises investment risk fears over Arctic drilling

Major new report on stranded oil and gas asset risks warns new fields likely to prove too costly to exploit

09 Aug 2013

UK charge point rollout targets hospitals and stations

Government awards funding to councils, public sector organisations, and train companies to install public chargers under £37m scheme

01 Aug 2013

Dash for gas needed to prevent power cuts, says Drax CEO

UK's largest coal-fired plant says investment in gas-powered sites depends on details of electricity market reforms

31 Jul 2013

UK shale gas survey confirms huge reserves

Bowland basin in the North of England holds about 40 trillion cubic metres of gas, but questions remain over how much is recoverable

27 Jun 2013

British Gas owner Centrica agrees £160m Bowland shale fracking deal

Entrance of major name into British shale sector could be catalyst for fracking industry

13 Jun 2013

British Gas owner Centrica in talks to buy shale fracking stake

Centrica in talks with leading fracking company over purchase of stake in Bowland shale in north-west England

07 Jun 2013

UK shale gas - Better in theory than in practice

The absence of sufficient climate safeguards leaves greens with little choice but to oppose UK shale gas developments

30 May 2013

UK's first Bio-LNG filling station opens in Daventry

Pump near Daventry could be the first of a nationwide network dispensing the low emissions fuel

23 May 2013

UK shale gas: Government promises 'responsible' development

Over 330 exploration licences for onshore oil and gas granted, but minister insists 'robust regulation' will govern exploitation of reserves

15 May 2013

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