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RBS reveals plan to appoint Chief Sustainability Officer

Royal Bank of Scotland

Banking giant publishes latest Sustainability Review, confirming emissions from its operations fell by 6.2 per cent as company stepped up green lending efforts

17 Apr 2014

Pope Francis urged to back fossil fuel divestment campaign

Letter from religious groups in Australia and North America says it is 'immoral' to profit from fossil fuels

16 Apr 2014

Abundance Generation launches new solar schools project

Solar panel at Fulston Manor in Kent

Leading green crowd-funding platform promises seven per cent rate of return from latest solar rooftop project

15 Apr 2014

UK to lead new climate finance 'lab'

Greg Barker reveals plan to find new ways of driving large scale investment into low carbon projects in developing countries

11 Apr 2014

Green Investment Bank signs up to Principles for Responsible Investment

GIB joins Harvard University in signing up to environmental, social and governance investment principles

10 Apr 2014

Green bonds hit record $9bn mark in first quarter of 2014

Issuances almost reach $10bn total for whole of last year

03 Apr 2014

Investors push for universal sustainability reporting standard

Ceres initiative with stock exchanges aims to incorporate environmental data into listing rules

28 Mar 2014

EIB issues first green bond in pounds sterling

New £500m issue for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects takes the institution to €2.2bn in green issuances this year

28 Mar 2014

Ecology Building Society revels in record success from 2013

Chief executive says sustainable banking is no longer just "for hippies" as company reports record assets, lending and savings

27 Mar 2014

Triodos Renewables adds 10MW wind farm to clean energy portfolio

Company acquires 55 per cent share of Boardinghouse wind farm in Cambridgeshire

11 Mar 2014

Triodos asset base grows by more than a fifth, as green bank's profits rise again

Ethical bank records 14 per cent increase in profits, while adding 80,000 new customers

06 Mar 2014

Norwegian government reviews fossil fuel divestment plan

Independent panel to assess whether country's giant wealth fund should quit oil, coal and gas investments

03 Mar 2014

Report: Benefits of green growth not being shared widely enough

NGOs argue benefits of green economy need to be more widespread and address aspects of equity and inclusion

24 Feb 2014

Green bond market expands as EIB issuance hits record €2bn mark

Climate Awareness Bond the latest big money offering prompting experts to double 2014 market prediction to £40bn

21 Feb 2014

Abundance Generation sets new green crowd-funding record

Over £200,000 raised in just four days for new REG High Down wind energy project

20 Feb 2014

Church of England vows to fight 'great demon' of climate change

General Synod says it is willing to disinvest from companies that do not live up to its theological, moral and social priorities

13 Feb 2014

Green bonds - five predictions for the year ahead

Bridget Boulle and Sean Kidney of the Climate Bonds Initiative predict the green bond market is poised for a stellar year

10 Feb 2014

Stock exchange aims to reinvent investing for birds, bees and trees

A new online trading platform would help investors and business place a financial worth on environmental and societal assets

03 Feb 2014

Forestry offsets need $12bn growth fund

Report finds demand for REDD+ credits will fall well short of the level needed to reduce emissions without "strategic intervention"

03 Feb 2014

Church and charities beef up ethical investment screening

MSCI confirms it is working with the Church of England and CCLA to help them better consider environmental factors in investment decisions

31 Jan 2014

Aviva reveals concerns over fossil fuel industry's high capex projects

Corporate leaders signal support for ambitious carbon targets, as insurance giant reveals it has spoken to fossil fuel firms about climate risks

29 Jan 2014

Is the public blind to "carbon bubble" risk?

Survey finds low levels of awareness of "carbon bubble", despite widespread concern about investment risk

29 Jan 2014

Green bond market breaches $10bn milestone

2013 marked a record year for the green bonds with new issuers, investors and underwriters joining the market

24 Jan 2014

Green Bond Principles add transparency to growing clean investment market

Banks line up to endorse new green bond guidelines, as report argues world needs to mobilise $1tr a year of clean energy investment

17 Jan 2014

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