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UK's most polluting power plants revealed

A coal power plant with a cooling tower

New report by NGOs accuse UK and Germany of undermining efforts to tackle climate change by continuing to rely heavily on carbon intensive coal

22 Jul 2014

Drax celebrates biomass subsidy court victory


High Court rules coal-to-biomass conversion project was eligible for government subsidy support

14 Jul 2014

Labour: CCS is a necessity, not an option

A coal power plant with a cooling tower

Opposition publishes policy paper outlining its plans to rapidly expand the UK's fledgling carbon capture and storage industry

10 Jul 2014

2Co Energy in talks to sell Don Valley CCS project

Project that failed to secure first wave of government CCS backing could be sold to Norwegian developer

09 Jul 2014

CCS: The race is on, can Yorkshire take the yellow jersey?

Alstom's Craig Jones argues that after a lost decade, CCS developments around the world are starting to enjoy some much needed progress

08 Jul 2014

Breaking: White Rose CCS project secures crucial EU funding

NER300 funding announcement confirms up to €300m of support for flagship UK carbon capture project, alongside fresh support for renewables developments

08 Jul 2014

White Rose CCS project poised for EU funding boost

Flagship carbon capture and storage project is likely to secure significant backing from EU this week

07 Jul 2014

Industry: CCS promises 6,000 jobs boost for north of England

Industry and trade unions unite to argue that ambitious carbon capture plans could deliver major gains for local economies

04 Jul 2014

UK CCS Research Centre dishes out £2.5m funding boost

Funding awarded to 14 projects, as Energy Minister Michael Fallon officially opens UK's latest CCS research facilities

23 Jun 2014

Former Shell boss slams oil industry over slow progress on CCS

Carbon Trust chairman James Smith argues oil industry can play a role in a low-carbon world, but only if it starts to take CCS more seriously

16 Jun 2014

Seven reasons to celebrate Obama's coal crackdown

And one reason why it does not go nearly far enough

02 Jun 2014

Report: Obama poised to announce 30 per cent cuts to US coal emissions

Obama claims failure to limit carbon emissions from power plants is 'not smart, not safe, and doesn't make sense'

02 Jun 2014

Obama to unveil historic climate change plan to cut US carbon pollution

Proposed regulations could cut carbon pollution by up to 25 per cent but President still faces potential opposition from Republicans

30 May 2014

How Obama's coal rules could reveal how much faith he has in US green innovation

Policymakers and business leaders around the world prepare for publication of wide-ranging new emissions standards for US power stations

29 May 2014

MPs: 'Lost decade' means UK must now fast-track carbon-capture projects

Report calls for final investment decision on two UK projects to be made before 2015 election following years of delays

21 May 2014

Chinese coal production drops as environmental rules start to bite

New industry figures confirm Chinese coal production fell by more than 1.3 per cent last month

09 May 2014

Reports: White Rose in line for €300m EU carbon capture funding

Brussels confirms UK carbon capture and storage in pole position for new EU clean energy funding

22 Apr 2014

Coal power: Polluting and thirsty

New report from the World Resources Institute reveals how the coal industry is increasing water stress globally

22 Apr 2014

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