Clean Coal articles

Are China's coal emissions about to plummet?


New Greenpeace report predicts air pollution measures will also help tackle climate change

14 Apr 2014

Committee on Climate Change downplays impact of carbon price floor freeze

Chancellor George Osborne presenting the 2013 Budget in the traditional red box

Committee accused of putting "blind faith" in EU emissions trading scheme to tackle coal industry renaissance

02 Apr 2014

Let them eat coal


The coal industry is about to launch a major push to bring dirty energy to the world's developing countries, Kirsty Gogan argues that green businesses need a credible response

02 Apr 2014

Has China's coal boom hit the buffers?

State media reports that growth in coal consumption slowed significantly in 2013

24 Feb 2014

Technology Centre Mongstad to establish CCS benchmark

Research centre has undertaken world's first large scale test of carbon capturing solvent

24 Feb 2014

Carbon capture and storage "stalling" in Europe, industry warns

Succession of cancelled projects see EU fall behind North America and China in development of crucial carbon abatement technology

20 Feb 2014

Industry: UK should adopt 10 per cent CCS electricity target

Industry group says adopting target will help develop technology regarded as vital to cost-effective decarbonisation efforts

17 Feb 2014

UK to miss out on £35bn carbon capture industry without "urgent action"

Report says technology that can lower annual energy bills by £82 and create thousands of jobs faces "defining moment"

03 Feb 2014

US carbon emissions up two per cent as coal fights back

Shift towards gas and renewables stalls, with carbon intensive coal making modest recovery

14 Jan 2014

RWE npower confirms plan to close UK coal power plant

Company details how it is looking to comply with EU emissions rules by closing seven fossil fuel power plants by 2023

10 Jan 2014

Drax steams ahead with £700m biomass conversion

Yorkshire power plant's green transformation continues as new systems to support first biomass unit are opened

09 Dec 2013

MPs reject Lords' plan to close coal plants

Government defeats amendment that would bring existing coal fired power plants under Emissions Performance Standard

05 Dec 2013

COP 19: UK vows to restrict coal funding and step up climate ambition

Ed Davey: 'It is completely illogical for countries like the UK and the US to be decarbonising our own energy sectors while paying for coal-fired power plants to be built in other countries'

20 Nov 2013

British banks among world's biggest lenders to coal industry, report finds

RBS tops UK list with lending €5bn for coal-mining operations, followed by Barclays and HSBC

19 Nov 2013

UN climate chief warns of financial risk to coal's future

Christiana Figures tells coal executives that controversial summit must mark turning point for industry as scientists dispute 'high efficiency' coal claims

18 Nov 2013

Why we need CCS to secure future renewables

Frank Ellingsen of CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad argues that renewables and CCS technologies should be natural allies

13 Nov 2013

Carbon capture and storage in Europe: From rhetoric to results

Dr. Graeme Sweeney of the Zero Emissions Platform urges policymakers to deliver the signals needed for a successful CCS industry

11 Nov 2013

CCS chief: Europe has lost its way on carbon capture

New CCS Association chief executive calls on UK and Europe to send longer term signal to encourage investment into the 2020s

08 Nov 2013

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