Wind power cooks up a clucking good Christmas

Last Christmas there was enough wind power to cook 17 million turkeys

24 Dec 2012, 03:35

Garnished roasted turkey on Christmas decorated table

Wind power advocates have often been accused of talking turkey, but new figures should have critics eating humble pie - and a lot more besides.

It seems last Christmas Day there was enough energy produced by the nation's wind farms to cook 17 million turkeys - a whopping seven million more than the country actually eats.

The calculations were made by renewable energy developer RES group, which divided the amount of wind energy produced on 25 December 2011 by the amount of energy needed to cook a turkey.

It estimates that on an average day, wind power could cook 13 million turkeys in three and a half hours.

And with the Met Office forecasting another windy day this Christmas, cooks can rest assured the sprouts will not be the only green - or windy - part of a traditional turkey dinner.

"This statistic demonstrates that the arguments of the anti-wind lobby are gobbledygook," said David Handley, chief economist at RES, showing the kind of gentle comedy that should soon see him fronting Live at the Apollo.

"As a home grown energy source, costing just two pence a day, based on Ofgem's figures for 2011, wind is affordable, reliable and sustainable. It is a vital part of our energy mix, helping to power the country's homes and reduce our vulnerability to gas price hikes."

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