Mining museum taps rich solar seam

Wales' national mining museum has installed solar panels

27 Dec 2012, 00:05

Well, here's something that should cheer up anyone who got a lump of coal in their stocking this year.

Yes, in a move that surely would have comfortably made it into that "ironic cos it's not ironic" Alanis Morissette classic (had said classic not been released 16 (!) years ago), Wales' national coal mining museum has installed solar panels - to save money.

The site at Big Pit, near Abergavenny in south Wales, now has 200 photovoltaic solar panels on the museum roof with another 200 installed on the National Collection Centre in Nantgarw.

According to Renewable Energy World, the £70,000 worth of solar panels should save the museum around £400,000 over the next 25 years, with surplus energy sold to the National Grid. You oughta know it makes sense.

"Coal is such an important part of Wales' heritage and yet green energy will play a major part in its future. A solar powered coal-mining museum is a fantastic way to celebrate this national journey," said Peter Walker, museum manager of Big Pit, who's fallen head over feet for solar.

"But it's far from just symbolic - the museum will benefit from huge reductions in energy bills and a solid return from the feed-in tariff."

So huzzah's all round at the triumph of green technology. I mean, it's not like coal is poised to become the dominant global energy source by 2017. What's that you say? Oh.

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