A wood in your ear...

WoodBuds promise to deliver some of the world's most eco-friendly headphones

22 Nov 2012, 13:20

As you might have guessed from the Sceptic Tank's weekly missives from the front line of sustainability (sorry, we mean Innovation and Resilience), our life is pretty awesome.

When we're not wearing sustainable pants or suits, we're exploring our feminine side in solar-powered bikinis or carbon-neutral bras. And then hitting Chat Roulette with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

But there's always that sneaking feeling we could be living just a little bit more... awesomely (perhaps a thesaurus would help – Ed) – and that may just be where WoodBuds fit in.

Crafted from certified sustainable wood with bioplastic cables and packaging made from 100 per cent recyclable material, these headphones are most definitely green, while still coming in eye-catching red, yellow, blue, white, and black. In fact, we're really struggling to decide which goes best with the bra... SUIT. Of course, we mean suit.

Woodbuds - photo Woodbuds

And never fear: the highly rated sound quality means you shouldn't miss a single note of the latest world music and whale sounds.

The Yorkshire firm will even plant a tree for every 100 products sold, which is one of those admirable aims consumers seem to go for without questioning what type of trees and where. Imagine, for example, you wake up one day to find the cheeky chaps from WoodBuds have stuck a flipping great oak tree in the middle of your garden. Not cool guys, not cool.

Anyhoo, what with Christmas coming up and all, we thought WoodBuds would make an excellent gift for your family, colleagues, or even your favourite environmental journalists! And no, we don't mean George Monbiot – he's doing just fine already.

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