Solar-powered tanning - a step too far?

16 Dec 2011, 12:38

Solar powered tanning - photo Kyle Kinane

This time of year, as the nights close in and Bruce Forsyth appears on TV even more than usual, the Tank finds our thoughts turning to sunny Californ-i-a.

It's not hard to picture ourselves among the beautiful people, whose sun-kissed and toned bodies have been lent a healthy glow by years of sunshine, good food and fine wine. Yes, they could probably use some pasty, out-of-shape people just to break the aesthetic monotony.

Of course, with its stringent targets for renewable energy and lowering car emissions, California also leads the world in many green areas – and let's not forget the state also contrived to go broke several years before Europe's major economies.

But, much as we're enamoured with its clean energy push, we can't help thinking that California might have gone too far with solar-powered sunbeds.

Sunlounge Tanning was spotted by comedian Kyle Kinane while driving through Southern California and, well, it has left us confused to say the least.

The big question is why anyone would think to add an extra step to the classic tanning process of "putting on sunscreen and walking around in a sunny part of the world".

And, perhaps more importantly, why on Earth would anyone would pay for that service?

Sorry California, but we think this innovation should probably be filed with inflatable dartboards, chocolate teapots and submarine windscreen-wipers.

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