Driving into an electric grave

08 Sep 2011, 11:09

Electric hearse - photo Brahms Electric Vehicles

Things, as a popular 90s beat combo definitely didn't sing, can only get weirder.

Yes, it seems that, once again, the Sceptic Tank has been forced to reassess our view of the greenest possible funeral.

We thought using the heat from our cremation to warm a Redditch swimming pool was not going to be enough, given that Scottish firm Resomation Ltd can bubble us down into water clean enough to drink.

Biomass-powered crematoriums, environmentally friendly coffins, scattering said water in a protected woodland - we had thought of it all and were already planning ahead for the sad day.

But, of course, we should have known better because we forgot about the Scope III emissions that come with funeral transport, didn't we? Curses!

And in our panicked state we almost didn't hear the solution riding smoothly over the horizon. That's right, folks. Say hello to the electric hearse.

The good people at Brahms Electric Vehicles currently have a full-electric hearse capable of travelling 50km on a full charge on show at this week's EcoVelocity show in London.

"Electricity is a natural solution for this sector," intoned Brahms founder Steven Cousins, presumably in a grave yet dignified timbre.

"The hearse needs a smooth ride at speeds less than 30mph for relatively short journeys. This makes it ideally suited to electricity and the stage where today's technology has reached."

To date, Brahms has converted hearses, but is looking to manufacture a dedicated carbon fibre vehicle in the near future, which begs the question: what about the embedded production emissions?

In the Sceptic Tank's opinion, going too much further down this road will drive us into an early grave. Which, given the evident complications, we'd rather avoid for the time being, thanks very much.

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