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Green Car of the Year 2014 - The Reviews

Catch all the reviews of our shortlisted green cars of the year

The BusinessGreen Leaders Awards will this year announce its green car of the year award. Judged by some of the UK's leading green car bloggers, the shortlist contains some of the most exciting low and zero emission vehicles available in the UK. Read all the low down on each of the shortlisted cars from our expert panel:

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Lexus IS 300h review: hard shell, soft centre

Lexus IS 300h

Lem Bingley puts the athletic hybrid through its paces in the latest of our series on the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards cars of the year

01 Jul 2014

Tesla Model S review: Major car manufacturers should be very, very worried

Tesla Motors Model S

Paul Clarke of Green-Car-Guide says the electric saloon with a 300 mile range will change your view about all other cars

30 Jun 2014

Living with a BMW i3

BMW i3 electric car

Andrew Leadbetter finds the traditional BMW driving experience packaged in an electric city car

27 Jun 2014

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid: All the car you would ever need?

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

In the second of our series on the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards Green Cars of the year, Richard Lane runs the rule over the world's first luxury plug-in hybrid

26 Jun 2014

Volkswagen e-Up - The price you pay for fun

Volkswagen e-Up electric car

In the first of our series of reviews on the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards cars of the year, Antony Ingram test drives the "immensely likeable" all-electric city car

25 Jun 2014

BMW i3 - First drive of the latest electric car for green executives

BMW i3 coming atcha

BMW’s hotly anticipated foray into the electric car market will hit UK streets in January - Will Nichols gets a preview.

17 Dec 2013

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