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Green Budget 2012 - All the latest

BusinessGreen runs down all the green business news from Budget 2012

It is being trailed as one of the most politically significant Budgets of recent years. But while the debate rages over cuts to the 50p tax rate and the effectiveness of the government's deficit-reduction strategy, green business leaders will also be expecting significant news on the future direction of the UK's low carbon economy.

BusinessGreen runs down all the green news from Budget 2012.

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Green Budget 2012: Waste-to-fuel sector accuses Osborne of 'hammering nail in its coffin'

A spoon in some cooking oil

UK Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance slams Osborne for removing 20p tax break for fuel made from used cooking oil

23 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: Barker hails Budget’s 'crystal clear commitment' to green economy

Chancellor George Osborne 2011

Climate Minister: "This is the Budget where the green economy joined the economic mainstream"

22 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: Government must ensure packaging targets are not a wasted opportunity

A recycling area sign

Waste companies welcome higher ambition, but warn greater investment in reprocessing is needed to achieve new goals

22 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: Is the solar sector being singled out for rough treatment?

Westminster City Council solar panels

STA urges government to include solar in Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme

22 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: Osborne offers warm words for green economy (and fossil fuels)

Road signs in Westminster in London

The mixed bag of green and dirty policies put forward by the Chancellor will leave many businesses confused

21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: CHP firms predict sector cool down after Osborne ends tax break

Turboden CCHP plant at Sky's new studios

Climate Minister reveals government continuing to investigate how to improve support for energy efficient technology

21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: the reaction

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne poses for photographs outside 11 Downing Street on the day that he will deliver his budget Photo-Press Association

BusinessGreen rounds up what the green business community makes of today's announcements

21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: Osborne extends tax breaks for green fleets

Charge point - photo Chargemaster

Chancellor extends concessions to encourage low carbon company cars as part of green transport package

21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: Carbon Reduction Commitment to be reformed or axed

Smoking chimneys

George Osborne pledges to axe "cumbersome" green tax system and replace with new environmental levy if it cannot be reformed by autumn

21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: Osborne signals UK is open for renewables business

Ormonde offshore wind turbines

Renewable energy industry welcomes clear statement from chancellor that sector will play crucial role in UK energy mix

21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012 – As it happened

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne presents the budget

Keep up with all the green news from today's Budget with BusinessGreen's live blog

21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012 – What to expect

A HM Treasury sign

James Murray previews the main areas of interest for green businesses ahead of budget 2012

20 Mar 2012

Green letters reveal Osborne no longer understands what “pro-business” means

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

The Chancellor is proud of his "pro-business" credentials, but plenty of Blue Chips reckon he has got it badly wrong on the green economy

20 Mar 2012

Osborne urged to free Green Investment Bank to unlock clean investment

Ormonde offshore wind turbines

Investors and NGOs add to flurry of letters to the Treasury with plea for Chancellor to relax borrowing restrictions on Green Investment Bank

19 Mar 2012

Greenpeace teams up with industry to urge Budget support for CHP

A gas pipeline valve

Combined heat and power must be exempted from Climate Change Levy to protect jobs, competitiveness and carbon targets, say campaigners

19 Mar 2012

Blue Chips to Osborne: “Environmental policies do not have to be a burden on business”

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

BT, Ikea, M&S, npower, and Siemens among household names criticising Chancellor’s undermining of the green economy

18 Mar 2012

More than smoke and mirrors: why the Chancellor’s harsh words on the environment matter

Friends of the Earth's Dave Powell

Friends of the Earth argues George Osborne's rare green initiatives are fatally undermined by his anti-environmental rhetoric

16 Mar 2012

George Osborne – the greenest chancellor yet?

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

He may be public enemy number one for environmentalists, but by default or design the chancellor is overseeing the rapid growth of the green economy

14 Mar 2012

Budget must provide green policy clarity, say business leaders


Shell, Tesco, Unilever and EDF among those calling on Osborne to demonstrate commitment to green economy

13 Mar 2012

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