SDG15: Life on Land

All BusinessGreen's coverage on SDG15 and the global effort to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss

From tackle deforestation to new approaches to sustainable farming, businesses are at the heart of the effort to deliver SDG14.

Credit: Alesse Nunes


'Without companies aligning their business models and operations with the SDGs - they simply won't be achieved' experts warn

clock 17 January 2020 •
SDG14: Navigating an ocean of risks and opportunities


The seas are warmer than at any point in human history and life under water is facing myriad threats, but there are still reasons to hope the Sustainable Development Goal focused on the world's oceans can be met

clock 16 January 2020 •
Could climate action unlock a decade of SDG delivery?

Climate change

If the latest analysis of business reporting on the SDGs is anything to go by, action on climate change feels like a box some of us leave hanging around, never opening and unpacking it properly - but yet it contains the keys to unlocking progress on so...

clock 09 January 2020 •
Ørsted has transformed its business model in a decade | Credit: Ørsted


From Ørsted to IKEA, here's what you can learn from the companies at the vanguard of action on SDG13

clock 24 December 2019 •
Embedding climate action into business starts with assessing climate risk


From science-based targets to the current vogue for net zero goals, here's how to kick off ambitious climate action in business

clock 19 December 2019 •
Meeting the 2030 SDGs could unlock $12tr in market opportunities, according to the UN


Firms are failing to place the SDGs at the core of their strategies, despite sizeable benefits for addressing risk and innovation, PwC analysis suggests

clock 19 December 2019 •
SDG13: Sustainable Development and the climate emergency

Climate change

It is the most challenging and the most essential of all the Sustainable Development Goals - and businesses have a critical role to play in determining whether or not it can be met

clock 12 December 2019 •
Andy Martin, CEO BNP Paribas Real Estate UK


Investing in greener buildings and offices delivers significant financial, environmental and wellbeing returns, argues BNP Paribas Real Estate UK CEO Andy Martin

clock 09 December 2019 •
MUD Jeans aims to unzip market for circular denim


The Dutch denim company wants to take the most popular fashion product in the world - a pair of jeans - and make it in the most sustainable way possible

clock 21 November 2019 •