SDG15: Life on Land

All BusinessGreen's coverage on SDG15 and the global effort to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss

From tackle deforestation to new approaches to sustainable farming, businesses are at the heart of the effort to deliver SDG14.

Cohabiting with a virus: We must learn to live life on land more sustainably

Climate change

The current pandemic crisis offers a chance to reimagine our approaches to managing natural resources, argues Martin Noponen of the Rainforest Alliance

clock 20 March 2020 •
SDG15: How carbon offsets are protecting forests - and changing lives


Corporate investment in carbon offsets is helping to fund a project in West Africa that is delivering on multiple Sustainable Development Goals through its protection of precious forest habitats and its services for local communities

clock 12 March 2020 •
SDG15: How can businesses best protect life on land?


From natural capital accounting and nature based solutions to vertical farming and net zero strategies, a suite of policies are emerging to help businesses support SDG15 and protect life on land

clock 04 March 2020 •
Subsistent farming in Yunnan Province, southern China | Credit: JialiangGao

Climate change

Progress on protecting life on land has been agonisingly slow, as deforestation and habitat loss has accelerated, but hopes remain that a step change in global land management can yet be engineered

clock 26 February 2020 •
The GreenBiz 20 tutorial panel on strategy included (from left): Linden Edgell, ERM; Freya Williams, Futerra; Mitchell Toomey, BASF; Devin Giles, International Paper; Christie Constantine, Baker McKenzie; and moderator Myriam Merchan, World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Credit: Flash Gordon Murray, Pixel PhotoVideo


Top corporates reveal how the SDGs can deliver a lot more than a burnished reputation

clock 14 February 2020 •
The case for a Fish-Free February

Supply chain

Ensuring a thriving underwater ecosystem is a key part of the SDG14 agenda - here Simon Hillbourne of the Fish-Free February campaign argues cutting fish from diets can help highlight the importance of sealife to the planet

clock 12 February 2020 •
SDG14: Could electric ferries power up a new era of greener shipping?


From Scandinavia to South East Asia Danfoss is charting a course towards zero emission shipping

clock 05 February 2020 •
The letter demands "faster" action for world leaders


An open letter to world leaders calling for bolder progress on the SDGs has been signed by 20 leading activists and backed by 2,000 high-profile supporters, as a new online toolkit aims to help businesses develop SDG strategies

clock 30 January 2020 •
The UN Global Compact helps businesses align their operations with the UN's 17 sustainable development goals


SDG Ambition will be led by the UN Global Compact Local Networks, bringing together more than a 1,000 firms across 40 countries to drive progress towards the global goals

clock 24 January 2020 •