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Rich countries pledge $9.3bn to help poorer nations cope with climate change

Solarcentury solar farm at tea plantation in Kenya

Green Climate Fund pledging conference in Berlin falls just short of $10bn target

20 Nov 2014

Rich countries 'backsliding' on climate finance

Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum Sudan

$10bn pledged for Green Climate Fund to help countries cope with global warming falls short of original commitment, say UN observers

18 Nov 2014

President Obama prepares fresh wave of domestic climate action

Storm warning

Vice President Biden to meet with governors, mayors, and tribal leaders to discuss building more climate resilient communities

18 Nov 2014

Updated: Church of England faces growing pressure to ditch fossil fuels

Oxford Diocesan Synod will consider divesting from oil, coal, and gas companies and calls on Anglican Church to do the same

17 Nov 2014

'Green tape' can boost growth, study finds

Grantham Institute report says environmental regulations can drive economic growth by encouraging business innovation

14 Nov 2014

Greenpeace targets Shell's 'keep the lights on' ad with Arctic counter-attack

Campaign group hoists banner with the message 'let's keep the drills on, so the Arctic's gone when she's your age' opposite Shell's London HQ

13 Nov 2014

Fracking no silver bullet for energy security or climate change, study says

Researchers say natural gas can play bridging role to low carbon economy, but must be phased out by mid-2030s

12 Nov 2014

Call to weaken fracking regulations gets short shrift from campaigners

Researchers at Glasgow University say widespread use of vibration regulations would see lorries and slamming doors banned

11 Nov 2014

Bill Clinton: Latest climate science report is ‘urgent wake-up call’

Former president says report shows need to transform global energy system, but Eastern European countries dismiss zero emission target

10 Nov 2014

Australia told it should aim for 40 per cent cut in greenhouse gases by 2025

The Climate Institute also says the world needs to know how Australia will calculate its target

10 Nov 2014

Conservation impact investing is about to boom

New US initiatives seek to mobilise private capital to support cash-strapped conservation programmes

07 Nov 2014

Queen admits 'One has climate change concerns'

The Queen reportedly asked Met Office chief scientist if last year's floods were caused by climate change

05 Nov 2014

UK government to pay farmers to protect bees and pollinators

New strategy includes finance to maintain habitats, as Environment Secretary warns further fall in insect numbers could push up food prices

04 Nov 2014

Businesses urged to digest latest IPCC climate science report

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, IPCC chair, urges businesses to take a long term view on climate change-related decisions

03 Nov 2014

Scientists warn time is running out to tackle climate change

Final AR5 IPCC report urges governments and businesses to work together to prevent temperatures rising beyond two degrees

02 Nov 2014

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