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China passes strictest pollution laws in 25 years

Smog in Shanghai by Yee fung on Flickr

Government approves tough penalties for polluters as nation seeks to address rampant pollution

25 Apr 2014

Conservatives confirm plans to scrap onshore wind subsidies

Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon says there is enough wind constructed and in the planning system to meet 2020 renewables targets

24 Apr 2014

EU warned energy efficiency plans are slipping

EU and UK flags

Study finds just three member states are on course to meet energy saving targets, with the UK among the laggards

24 Apr 2014

UK heralds 'green energy investment boom' with boost for major projects

Five offshore wind and three biomass schemes first to be awarded long-term contracts under electricity market reforms

23 Apr 2014

G7 countries aim to cut energy ties to Russia

Ed Davey says ministers will consider package of measures to reduce dependence on Russian oil and gas at meeting next week

22 Apr 2014

Greens celebrate as Caroline Lucas cleared over fracking protest

Green MP vows to continue campaign to bring an end to fracking in the UK

17 Apr 2014

European Parliament votes to slash plastic bag waste

MEPs back new laws to crack down on plastic bags, despite opposition from Conservative MEPs

17 Apr 2014

Green trucks, green cars, and green canals all set for EU boost

European Parliament backs a raft of reforms designed to cut emissions and fuel use across the transport sector

16 Apr 2014

Reports: China poised to beef up national Environmental Protection Law

Reuters' reports suggest reforms to national environmental law will provide officials with sweeping new powers to tackle polluters

16 Apr 2014

Coalition beefs up Garden Cities plan

New prospectus and funding aims to help local communities move forward with garden city proposals

15 Apr 2014

Green firms urge Lib Dems to retain local energy saving rules

Sustainable Energy Association and Association for the Conservation of Energy write to MPs over fears that local authority powers will be ditched

15 Apr 2014

Treasury claim that fuel duty freeze benefits economy ignores climate and air pollution impacts

Treasury study admits economic modelling "is not intended to capture the impact of a reduction in fuel duty through externalities" such as congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions

14 Apr 2014

Poll: Public prefers wind to fracking as a next door neighbour

Survey finds 62 per cent of people would choose wind farms rather than fracking in their area

14 Apr 2014

Defra: Cutting green tape will save businesses £1.5bn

Government set to reduce environmental legislation by 80 per cent in volume following controversial Red Tape Challenge

11 Apr 2014

Government finds "no value for money" in keeping coal pits open

Closure of two UK Coal deep pits leaves "no long-term future for the production of coal resources in the UK", experts say

10 Apr 2014

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