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Shock-warning - The Energy of Nations and the prospect of economic catastrophe

Jeremy Leggett's new book warns things could "get much worse before they get better" - it is a sobering alarm call about the very real prospects of oil shocks and climate crises

15 Jan 2014


A Burning Question and a daunting challenge

The Burning Question is a challenging and compelling read for green executives everywhere

04 Nov 2013


The all new Ampera - a jazzed-up Vauxhall Astra it is not

Anthony Ingram is impressed by the comfort, handling, and fuel efficiency of the Vauxhall's flagship plug-in hybrid

03 Jul 2013

Renault Zoe-3

Renault ZOE First Drive - "a genuinely desirable electric car"

Richard Lane of is blown away by a zero emission car that promises to redefine the EV look

03 Jul 2013


BMW EfficientDynamics delivers on promise of performance and economy

In the latest in our series on the Green Car's of the year,'s Paul Clarke hails a premium car that still boasts impressive efficiency

02 Jul 2013


Six things you need to know about the new Toyota Auris Hybrid

In the second of our series on the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards Green Cars of the year, runs the rule over the Toyota Auris Hybrid

02 Jul 2013


The Volvo V40 - a real green cake-and-eat-it car

In the first of our series of reviews on the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards cars of the year,'s Lem Bingley test drives the Volvo V40

01 Jul 2013

Tazzari EM1 electric car - photo GoinGreen

Tazzari EM1: The electric run-around steps up a gear

Will Nichols finds the nippy Italian electric car would be an ideal budget option - were it not so expensive

12 Mar 2013

What has Nature Ever Done for Us by Tony Juniper

What has Nature Ever Done for Us? The answer is a hell of a lot

Jessica Shankleman hails Tony Juniper's latest book as a must-read for sustainability executives and their colleagues

14 Jan 2013

SvinafellsjIcokull Glacier Iceland by James Balog

Review: Chasing Ice - catch it while you can

New documentary brings James Balog's time lapse images of melting glaciers to a wider audience

04 Dec 2012

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric: Staying cool on the hottest day of the year

Jessica Shankleman test drives two low-emissions Focuses in the Oxford to London Eco Rally

21 Aug 2012

Volvo V60 plug in hybrid

Volvo V60: Not just another plug-in hybrid

BusinessGreen speaks to Volvo's Richard Monturo about its latest low-emissions car

16 Jul 2012

Got Wood bamboo pants - photo WildHorse

Is green underwear made from wood simply barking?

Bamboo is hailed as a miracle green material for construction and energy - but what about pants? Will Nichols slips on a pair to find out

08 Jun 2012

The pool at the Scarlet Hotel

The Scarlet Hotel and the answer to the eco-luxury dilemma

James Murray enjoys a luxurious few days at a green hotel that blazes a trail for our homes and offices

23 Feb 2012

Fiesta Zetec Econetic-f

The Ford Fiesta and the fuel-efficient art of the possible

James Murray takes the latest addition to Ford's ECOnetic range for a spin, and finds that you can have fun with a diesel car

23 Nov 2011

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Offshore Wind Structural Engineer

The Green Recruitment Company is representing one of the UK`s leading renewable energy firms, specializing in offshore wind projects.


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A discussion of the “risk perception gap”, its implications and how it can be closed


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