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Could Loch Ness be hiding monster energy savings?


Using heat pumps to access energy stored in lakes and rivers could save Scottish businesses £250m a year - with UK-wide savings up to 10 times higher

25 Apr 2014

Faber-Castell draws on flooding experience to boost climate resilience

Faber-Castell production site flooding

An overflowing Danube inundating the stationery firm's factory provided the impetus to sketch out a new climate strategy

25 Apr 2014

Manufacturers and the carbon conundrum

Richard Warren EEF

Richard Warren says last month's Budget marked a move towards more cost-effective climate policies vital to winning public acceptance

25 Apr 2014

How businesses can avoid the coming water crisis

Peter Knight of Context outlines how companies can prepare for predicted future water shortages and disruptions

25 Apr 2014

Vince Cable brands Tory onshore wind farm veto 'irrational and damaging'

Senior Liberal Democrats warn coalition partner's pledge will hit investor confidence and push up costs of meeting green energy goals

24 Apr 2014

Why has SSE's Beatrice wind farm bagged a government power contract?

Vince Cable dismisses speculation that surprise decision was linked to Scottish independence referendum

24 Apr 2014

VW out to electrify Chinese car market

Volkswagen Group outlines plans to cut emissions of the cars it sells in China, from plug-in limousines to electric hatchbacks

24 Apr 2014

Time for scientists to get off the fence?

Trewin Restorick argues that scientists have a duty to make politicians accountable for the cycle of denial and delay over climate change

24 Apr 2014

Vince Cable hails 'vast' investment potential of energy from food waste

Business Secretary pushes button on TEG biogas plant, which was the first to be backed by the Green Investment Bank

23 Apr 2014

Renewables seize lion's share of UK energy infrastructure investments

Government figures show about £30bn invested in green energy since 2010 with record high of £8bn in 2013

23 Apr 2014

Labour slams government over Big Six's £250m ECO windfall

Jonathan Reynolds says government would be letting energy companies 'off the hook' by watering down their energy efficiency obligations

23 Apr 2014

UK companies have an opportunity to save lives while reducing their carbon impact

Lord Ashdown outlines the benefits to UK firms of a UNICEF project to provide low pollution cook stoves to poor households in Bangladesh

23 Apr 2014

National Trust starts pumping green power into to the grid

Charity's new company to sell renewable energy to Good Energy from a range of projects, including solar, hydro, and biomass schemes

23 Apr 2014

Apple bites into its climate impact

Tech icon reports on environmental progress towards addressing "very real problem of climate change"

22 Apr 2014

Davey downplays fears EU climate strategy is vulnerable to Eurosceptic renaissance

Energy and Climate Secretary confident European elections will not derail 2030 climate package

22 Apr 2014

Local actions can lead to global benefits

Tackling waste can help address some of the risks highlighted by the IPCC climate report, argues Dr Richard Swannell - it is time for businesses and communities to take action

22 Apr 2014

Is Europe's greenest data centre heading to Scotland?

AOC Group unveils plans for a 100 per cent renewables-powered data centre, which could underline Scotland's potential as a green data centre hub

22 Apr 2014

Coal power: Polluting and thirsty

New report from the World Resources Institute reveals how the coal industry is increasing water stress globally

22 Apr 2014

Solar Aid urges industry to help fuel African switch to renewables

Charity offers new corporate opportunities to help it eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020

17 Apr 2014

How to deal with people who complain about renewable subsidies at parties

Alan Whitehead MP offers some sage advice for any green business exec who has ever been harangued about the cost of subsidising clean energy

17 Apr 2014

10 lessons from the green car revolution

From stable policies to constant innovation, the auto sector demonstrates that clean technology can deliver decarbonisation

17 Apr 2014

Are the Big Six set for £250m windfall from ECO reforms?

New insulation industry figures argue the government has underestimated savings energy companies will receive from 'green levy' cuts

17 Apr 2014

RBS reveals plan to appoint Chief Sustainability Officer

Banking giant publishes latest Sustainability Review, confirming emissions from its operations fell by 6.2 per cent as company stepped up green lending efforts

17 Apr 2014

Prudential joins investors in backing NextEnergy's solar IPO

NextEnergy confirms it has raised £85.5m, as Macquarie and Forrest offer free solar installations to businesses

16 Apr 2014

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