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Ann Widdecombe, Godwin's Law, and why the Climate Change Rebels were wrong

29 Oct 2014 The latest attack on the Climate Change Act is perhaps the most confusing and incoherent yet

RWE Gwynt y Mor offshore wind farm

It's not perfect, but the EU energy and climate package is great news for the green economy

28 Oct 2014 The targets and policies delivered by the EU energy and climate change package prove that decarbonisation efforts are now firmly part of the political and business mainstream

Hyundai 2015 Tucson fuel cell

Hydrogen: Fuelling the future

24 Oct 2014 The potential for clean energy and transport using hydrogen is huge, and the UK is working to realise it

Richard Dinan

Nuclear fusion power - made in Chelsea

24 Oct 2014 Former star of E4 show embarks on new venture in nuclear physics


Could Lego ditching Shell present an opportunity for clean tech?

24 Oct 2014 The latest victory in Greenpeace's campaign against Shell's planned Arctic exploration could present an important opportunity for clean tech firms


Footwear industry wakes up to waste

23 Oct 2014 Consumer demand for sustainable shoes is prompting manufacturers to change tack


Take two bottles into the shower? No, I'll take a tree

17 Oct 2014 Why don't all shampoo bottles turn into shrubberies, ponders the Sceptic Tank


Paterson's rant at the Climate Change Act will fail to win business (or public) support

16 Oct 2014 As the former Environment Secretary attacks the UK's climate strategy it is important to remember that it remains a howl from the margins of British politics

Three eco-rated phones in the grass

Step up to renewable smartphone power

16 Oct 2014 Phone users could charge up their batteries just by walking around


Owen Paterson: The Kevin Pietersen of climate politics

13 Oct 2014 The former environment secretary and sacked cricketer may not appear to have much in common, but look a little closer


Manchester United's latest Spanish signing could be its most important yet

03 Oct 2014 England's most popular mid-table team enlists Abengoa as its first Official Sustainable Technology Partner


Did Cameron forget the 'green bit'?

01 Oct 2014 The Prime Minister glossed over environmental issues in a speech that was designed to focus on traditional Tory strengths, but where does that leave the Conservative's confusing climate policies


Organic cotton demand could result in shortage

01 Oct 2014 With many farmers yet to go organic, demand may soon exceed supply


The potentially lucrative business of eco-fashion

30 Sep 2014 Green is rapidly becoming the new black as industry attitudes change

David Cameron speaks at the United Nations Climate Summit September 2014

Who speaks for the Conservative Party on climate change?

29 Sep 2014 The Prime Minister reckons climate change is a grave threat, but the Chancellor does not think it worthy of mention - where does this leave Tory environmental policy?

Peoples climate march New York 22 September 2014

Four reasons why the UN Climate Summit was a success

24 Sep 2014 The direction of travel in favour of bold climate action has never been clearer - the savviest businesses and investors are taking note


Could the New York Summit consign corporate dinosaurs to history?

18 Sep 2014 The myth that businesses automatically oppose climate action has never looked more tired, and the corporate desire for decarbonisation must be recognised

Toyota solar array

New Climate Economy report: Do you want an iPad or a typewriter?

16 Sep 2014 The landmark report makes it clear that delivering decarbonisation is all about choices. Political and business leaders need to ask what kind of future they want to invest in


Are consumers becoming more aware of environmentally sound business?

09 Sep 2014 Hannah Coles of E4 Environment explains how third party accreditation can help your business avoid the 'greenwash' trap


How Meat Free Monday became Meat Free Many Days

08 Sep 2014 Against all my expectations I have embraced demi-vegetarianism, and the financial, health, and environmental benefits have been remarkable

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