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Did Cameron forget the 'green bit'?

01 Oct 2014 The Prime Minister glossed over environmental issues in a speech that was designed to focus on traditional Tory strengths, but where does that leave the Conservative's confusing climate policies


Organic cotton demand could result in shortage

01 Oct 2014 With many farmers yet to go organic, demand may soon exceed supply


The potentially lucrative business of eco-fashion

30 Sep 2014 Green is rapidly becoming the new black as industry attitudes change

David Cameron speaks at the United Nations Climate Summit September 2014

Who speaks for the Conservative Party on climate change?

29 Sep 2014 The Prime Minister reckons climate change is a grave threat, but the Chancellor does not think it worthy of mention - where does this leave Tory environmental policy?

Peoples climate march New York 22 September 2014

Four reasons why the UN Climate Summit was a success

24 Sep 2014 The direction of travel in favour of bold climate action has never been clearer - the savviest businesses and investors are taking note


Could the New York Summit consign corporate dinosaurs to history?

18 Sep 2014 The myth that businesses automatically oppose climate action has never looked more tired, and the corporate desire for decarbonisation must be recognised

Toyota solar array

New Climate Economy report: Do you want an iPad or a typewriter?

16 Sep 2014 The landmark report makes it clear that delivering decarbonisation is all about choices. Political and business leaders need to ask what kind of future they want to invest in


Are consumers becoming more aware of environmentally sound business?

09 Sep 2014 Hannah Coles of E4 Environment explains how third party accreditation can help your business avoid the 'greenwash' trap


How Meat Free Monday became Meat Free Many Days

08 Sep 2014 Against all my expectations I have embraced demi-vegetarianism, and the financial, health, and environmental benefits have been remarkable

Insulating a roof

Cameron can't insulate himself from blame over green job losses

05 Sep 2014 The insulation industry, the fuel poor, and the planet all deserve better than this energy efficiency policy fiasco

Andre Veneman of AkzoNobel

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index: Why winning isn’t everything

01 Sep 2014 André Veneman of AkzoNobel says achieving a high ranking is less important than the process of continually improving corporate sustainability performance

Credit report

How to reverse negative effects on your credit report

26 Aug 2014

Amonix solar panel field

Renewables records reveal how clean energy is starting to light up the world

19 Aug 2014 The renewables revolution is fast gathering pace and we are now just a few pieces of the jigsaw away from an ultra-low emission grid


Government must tear down community energy barriers

15 Aug 2014 The latest challenges faced by community energy projects can be easily addressed - it is time for Ed Davey to act

Artist Faith Bebbington puts the finishing touches to one of the lions

All together now: 'Three lions made of waste...'

14 Aug 2014 The home of English football now has three lions made of rubbish


From polls to protests, the shale gas industry is its own worst enemy

14 Aug 2014 Shale gas may have a role to play in a low carbon energy mix, but the industry will never deliver unless it can cut out the PR blunders

Ed Miliband

Why Ed Miliband should raise the 'green flag'

01 Aug 2014 Ed Miliband once won plaudits from across Westminster for his ambitious approach to climate change - could re-engaging with the issue that once defined him help tackle his leadership woes?

Nick Clegg and Ed Davey

Green policy takes two steps forward, one step back

25 Jul 2014 The green economy is making great progress and new carbon targets promise a further boost, but constant policy setbacks are not helping


How to reduce energy use in the home

22 Jul 2014 Beko's top tips for slashing energy consumption from electrical appliances and heating

Chimney emitting pollution at Conesville power plant

Kudos to Cameron for his carbon-cutting clarity

22 Jul 2014 The long-awaited decision to retain the fourth carbon budget provides investors with some much needed certainty, now government and business must deliver on it

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You don’t have to be born yesterday to fall for a targeted attack

A discussion of the “risk perception gap”, its implications and how it can be closed


Data centre guide- energy cost and carbon allocation strategies

It is both simple and inexpensive for any data centre, regardless of size or age, to get started allocating costs and carbon