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Credit report

How to reverse negative effects on your credit report

26 Aug 2014 Experian CreditExpert reveals how green execs can ensure they maintain an impressive credit-rating

Amonix solar panel field

Renewables records reveal how clean energy is starting to light up the world

19 Aug 2014 The renewables revolution is fast gathering pace and we are now just a few pieces of the jigsaw away from an ultra-low emission grid


Government must tear down community energy barriers

15 Aug 2014 The latest challenges faced by community energy projects can be easily addressed - it is time for Ed Davey to act


From polls to protests, the shale gas industry is its own worst enemy

14 Aug 2014 Shale gas may have a role to play in a low carbon energy mix, but the industry will never deliver unless it can cut out the PR blunders

Artist Faith Bebbington puts the finishing touches to one of the lions

All together now: 'Three lions made of waste...'

14 Aug 2014 The home of English football now has three lions made of rubbish

Ed Miliband

Why Ed Miliband should raise the 'green flag'

01 Aug 2014 Ed Miliband once won plaudits from across Westminster for his ambitious approach to climate change - could re-engaging with the issue that once defined him help tackle his leadership woes?

Nick Clegg and Ed Davey

Green policy takes two steps forward, one step back

25 Jul 2014 The green economy is making great progress and new carbon targets promise a further boost, but constant policy setbacks are not helping


How to reduce energy use in the home

22 Jul 2014 Beko's top tips for slashing energy consumption from electrical appliances and heating

Chimney emitting pollution at Conesville power plant

Kudos to Cameron for his carbon-cutting clarity

22 Jul 2014 The long-awaited decision to retain the fourth carbon budget provides investors with some much needed certainty, now government and business must deliver on it

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

If Paterson's 'green blob' exists it is a lot bigger than he thinks

21 Jul 2014 Owen Paterson's attack on the environmental movement ignores both climate risks and the mainstream success of the green economy


A tale of two Tories

15 Jul 2014 The departures of Owen Paterson and Greg Barker send conflicting signals about the direction of the Tory's green agenda decarbonisation

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott: Not very repealing

11 Jul 2014 Tony Abbott's ongoing failure to repeal Australia's carbon tax contains a serious message on the general direction of global climate policy

Israel's first photovoltaic power plant Ketura Sun installed by Siemens

Why innovation isn't always the answer

08 Jul 2014 The clean tech sector loves innovation, but being regarded as innovative can be a mixed blessing

Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL

Discover how the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell can benefit your business

01 Jul 2014 Quick charging and low running costs put the Vito E-cell at the vanguard of the electronic-drive van market


We are living through a slow motion global energy crisis - and only clean tech can save us

20 Jun 2014 BP's latest statistical report should be a wake-up call, that it is not suggests we are sleep-walking into a climate and energy disaster

A frozen faucet

Addressing fresh water deficiency

16 Jun 2014 Johan Widheden of AkzoNobel says the way we think about commodity of fresh water may ultimately have to change


Tortured World Cup-climate change analogy alert

11 Jun 2014 Infrastructure lock-in, climate risk, and playing football in the desert

SSE Hadyard wind farm

The value of within-day flexibility

10 Jun 2014 Pöyry outlines the risks and rewards associated with rising levels of renewable energy on the grid

ballot box

European Election: Who deserves the green business vote?

21 May 2014 UKIP are dominating the headlines, the Greens are enjoying a surge in the polls, but who should secure your vote?

Joseph McCarthy

Is sceptics' 'McCarthyism' spin their cleverest ploy yet?

19 May 2014 The latest furore over the 'suppression' of climate-sceptic views seeks to conceal the recklessness inherent to their downplaying of climate risks

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Head of Operations & Interface Management - UK

We are currently working with one of the leaders in the UK offshore wind sector who are looking to appoint a Head of Operations & Interface to be based in East Central Scotland.


Find out more >


You don’t have to be born yesterday to fall for a targeted attack

A discussion of the “risk perception gap”, its implications and how it can be closed


Data centre guide- energy cost and carbon allocation strategies

It is both simple and inexpensive for any data centre, regardless of size or age, to get started allocating costs and carbon