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Lima deal paves path to pragmatic and imperfect Paris Treaty

Paris at night

The denouement to the Lima Summit may have been wearingly familiar, but it raises hopes for a 'we'll do what we can' climate treaty that would deliver a major boost to the global green economy

15 Dec 2014

The Treasury data doesn't lie: The UK's green infrastructure strategy is under threat

Chancellor George Osborne presenting the 2013 Budget in the traditional red box

The government's knee jerk support for high carbon infrastructure risks derailing long term plans to build a genuinely green economy - business groups must lead a fight back

09 Dec 2014

Is E.ON about to become a green corporate powerhouse?

E.ON smart meter

E.ON's decision to reinvent itself as a renewables and clean tech specialist could mark a watershed moment for the European energy sector

01 Dec 2014

Green regulations cripple the economy? Show me the proof

If environmental red tape is the source of so many economic woes, why is the evidence of the harm they cause so sketchy?

28 Nov 2014

#BackClimateAction, but what action is best?

James Murray suggests four simple climate actions we could all take that would make a difference

25 Nov 2014

The pursuit of green freedom

The environmental movement needs a more effective means of communicating its goals and its transformative potential - could the language of freedom and justice hold the answer?

19 Nov 2014

Happy Birthday BusinessGreen

As BusinessGreen celebrates its seventh year it is clear the green economy is continuing to go from strength to strength

12 Nov 2014

It's not perfect, but the EU energy and climate package is great news for the green economy

The targets and policies delivered by the EU energy and climate change package prove that decarbonisation efforts are now firmly part of the political and business mainstream

28 Oct 2014

Paterson's rant at the Climate Change Act will fail to win business (or public) support

As the former Environment Secretary attacks the UK's climate strategy it is important to remember that it remains a howl from the margins of British politics

16 Oct 2014

Four reasons why the UN Climate Summit was a success

The direction of travel in favour of bold climate action has never been clearer - the savviest businesses and investors are taking note

24 Sep 2014

Could the New York Summit consign corporate dinosaurs to history?

The myth that businesses automatically oppose climate action has never looked more tired, and the corporate desire for decarbonisation must be recognised

18 Sep 2014

New Climate Economy report: Do you want an iPad or a typewriter?

The landmark report makes it clear that delivering decarbonisation is all about choices. Political and business leaders need to ask what kind of future they want to invest in

16 Sep 2014

Renewables records reveal how clean energy is starting to light up the world

The renewables revolution is fast gathering pace and we are now just a few pieces of the jigsaw away from an ultra-low emission grid

19 Aug 2014

Green policy takes two steps forward, one step back

The green economy is making great progress and new carbon targets promise a further boost, but constant policy setbacks are not helping

25 Jul 2014

We are living through a slow motion global energy crisis - and only clean tech can save us

BP's latest statistical report should be a wake-up call, that it is not suggests we are sleep-walking into a climate and energy disaster

20 Jun 2014

Is sceptics' 'McCarthyism' spin their cleverest ploy yet?

The latest furore over the 'suppression' of climate-sceptic views seeks to conceal the recklessness inherent to their downplaying of climate risks

19 May 2014

The green economic consensus: it's stronger than you think

Forget what detractors say - many of the world's corporate and political leaders are united in their urgent desire to build a green economy

07 May 2014

Sir David King: "Climate change is not the biggest challenge of our time, it's the biggest challenge of all time"

Former chief scientists refuses to sugar-coat climate risk assessment - political and business leaders should listen

30 Apr 2014

IPCC Report: And now, for some good news

IPCC report confirms a better and sustainable future is possible, the onus is now on political and business leaders to make it happen

14 Apr 2014

Could Siemens deliver the clean energy watershed the green economy has been waiting for?

Siemens vote of confidence in the UK's clean energy sector promises to deliver a major boost to the green economy as a whole

25 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: The need for a real green industrial policy has never been clearer

Osborne's decision to help out heavy industry and coal power begs one question - how will we decarbonise carbon intensive firms?

19 Mar 2014

How Tim Cook's attack on Apple's climate sceptic investors got it wrong

The Apple chief executive was right to call out his climate sceptic critics, but, as he already knows, the case for green investment is financial as well as ethical

03 Mar 2014

BusinessGreen Plus - Yours for the price of a cup of coffee

BusinessGreen Plus annual subscription granting access to all the site's in-depth analysis and comment now available for just £199

03 Mar 2014

Carbon budgets and green manifestos big winners as climate consensus renewed

It has been a good few weeks for the green economy; now business and political leaders need to build on their recent momentum

27 Feb 2014

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