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Smoking chimney emitting pollution

Cameron's CCS cheerleading only highlights how he has failed the sector

17 Dec 2014 In declaring CCS is likely to play a major role in UK's decarbonisation efforts the Prime Minister draws attention to his failure to deliver progress on carbon capture technology

Paris at night

Lima deal paves path to pragmatic and imperfect Paris Treaty

15 Dec 2014 The denouement to the Lima Summit may have been wearingly familiar, but it raises hopes for a 'we'll do what we can' climate treaty that would deliver a major boost to the global green economy


Temperature controlled urban distribution in a sustainable way

11 Dec 2014 Industry leaders are applying current and emerging technologies to help customers achieve sustainable and quiet transport refrigeration

Chancellor George Osborne presenting the 2013 Budget in the traditional red box

The Treasury data doesn't lie: The UK's green infrastructure strategy is under threat

09 Dec 2014 The government's knee jerk support for high carbon infrastructure risks derailing long term plans to build a genuinely green economy - business groups must lead a fight back


Farage deserves to be called out for his self-confessed climate change ignorance

05 Dec 2014 There are many reasons why mainstream parties should take a stronger line challenging the UKIP leader's policies, his reckless approach to climate change is one of them

E.ON smart meter

Is E.ON about to become a green corporate powerhouse?

01 Dec 2014 E.ON's decision to reinvent itself as a renewables and clean tech specialist could mark a watershed moment for the European energy sector

Smoking chimney emitting pollution

Green regulations cripple the economy? Show me the proof

28 Nov 2014 If environmental red tape is the source of so many economic woes, why is the evidence of the harm they cause so sketchy?


Man swallowed by a snake 'to highlight deforestation'

28 Nov 2014 Paul Rosolie's take on climate action really sticks in the Sceptic Tank's throat


Young scientists awarded £33,000 for ethical innovations

26 Nov 2014 Five 'young laureates' win prestigious Rolex Awards of Enterprise


#BackClimateAction, but what action is best?

25 Nov 2014 James Murray suggests four simple climate actions we could all take that would make a difference


The pursuit of green freedom

19 Nov 2014 The environmental movement needs a more effective means of communicating its goals and its transformative potential - could the language of freedom and justice hold the answer?

LUTZ Pathfinder pod blueprint

The future of self-driving cars

14 Nov 2014 The driver-less pods arriving in Milton Keynes next year could be the start of the technology truly taking off

Cupcake with birthday candles

Happy Birthday BusinessGreen

12 Nov 2014 As BusinessGreen celebrates its seventh year it is clear the green economy is continuing to go from strength to strength


If the UK has to have a shale gas sovereign wealth fund, it needs to do better than this

11 Nov 2014 The government's plans for a shale gas sovereign wealth fund lack the firm commitment to decarbonisation that is required


Tips for going paperless in your office

06 Nov 2014 Getting rid of paper could be a real advantage for many businesses

Golfing actuaries

The national interest demands it, let's ban golf courses

05 Nov 2014 Liz Truss' campaign to boost UK food security is heading for the bunker, unless she moves urgently to tackle the golf blight

Centre courtyard and the windtower at the Masdar Institute campus

Sustainable Masdar City is a breath of fresh air

03 Nov 2014 Ambitious project outside Abu Dhabi is inspiring new sustainable innovations


Ann Widdecombe, Godwin's Law, and why the Climate Change Rebels were wrong

29 Oct 2014 The latest attack on the Climate Change Act is perhaps the most confusing and incoherent yet

RWE Gwynt y Mor offshore wind farm

It's not perfect, but the EU energy and climate package is great news for the green economy

28 Oct 2014 The targets and policies delivered by the EU energy and climate change package prove that decarbonisation efforts are now firmly part of the political and business mainstream

Hyundai 2015 Tucson fuel cell

Hydrogen: Fuelling the future

24 Oct 2014 The potential for clean energy and transport using hydrogen is huge, and the UK is working to realise it

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