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Johan Widheden AkzoNobel

Tackling future challenges of mobility

14 Apr 2014 AkzoNobel's Johan Widheden asks what the IPCC's latest report means for the transport sector


IPCC Report: And now, for some good news

14 Apr 2014 IPCC report confirms a better and sustainable future is possible, the onus is now on political and business leaders to make it happen


The green home market is poised for take-off, clean tech firms need to crank up the heat

09 Apr 2014 The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is the final piece in the jigsaw for the government's green home package - green businesses need to respond


Cameron's proposed wind farm ban is costly, statist, and probably unworkable?

07 Apr 2014 Given the government is already cutting subsidies for onshore wind farms and enforcing tough planning rules, there is no case for a blanket ban on development


Climate adaptation lobby is reckless, dangerous, and (partly) right

01 Apr 2014 The latest argument from climate sceptics that we can manage escalating risks may be flawed, but it could still aid those who want to see more climate action

Hurricane from a satellite's view

IPCC Report: Wrestling with the green utopian-dystopian paradox

31 Mar 2014 The IPCC report confirms the scale of the climate challenge is daunting, but environmentalists need to shed their cognitive dissonance and get behind the vision for a positive green future

Digital image of Siemens plans for Green Port Hull offshore wind turbine manufacturing plant

Could Siemens deliver the clean energy watershed the green economy has been waiting for?

25 Mar 2014 Siemens vote of confidence in the UK's clean energy sector promises to deliver a major boost to the green economy as a whole


Could bamboo stands cause panda-monium?

21 Mar 2014 Setting up an exhibition stand made of sustainable bamboo might be risky

Chimney emitting pollution at Conesville power plant

Budget 2014: The need for a real green industrial policy has never been clearer

19 Mar 2014 Osborne's decision to help out heavy industry and coal power begs one question - how will we decarbonise carbon intensive firms?

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

Budget 2014: Where is the climate of urgency?

19 Mar 2014 Cameron and Osborne have recently highlighted the importance of action on climate change - you would expect today's Budget to build on that commitment, but sadly it won't

Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette brands target green production

12 Mar 2014 Technology reduces litter, deforestation, and chemical output compared to traditional cigarettes


Lobbying against the carbon floor price is lobbying for more coal power

05 Mar 2014 The CBI and EEF support the low carbon economy, but they need a better approach to tackling competitiveness issues than simply attacking carbon taxes


How Tim Cook's attack on Apple's climate sceptic investors got it wrong

03 Mar 2014 The Apple chief executive was right to call out his climate sceptic critics, but, as he already knows, the case for green investment is financial as well as ethical

BusinessGreen Plus Logo

BusinessGreen Plus - Yours for the price of a cup of coffee

03 Mar 2014 BusinessGreen Plus annual subscription granting access to all the site's in-depth analysis and comment now available for just £199

London Array offshore wind turbine

Carbon budgets and green manifestos big winners as climate consensus renewed

27 Feb 2014 It has been a good few weeks for the green economy; now business and political leaders need to build on their recent momentum

Calculator and piggy bank

Turning towards alternative lending resources in the UK

26 Feb 2014 MYJAR outlines the importance of more responsible lending


Dear George Osborne, we all want cost-effective climate action

21 Feb 2014 The Chancellor is right to want cost-effective action to tackle climate change, but that means delivering the policies that accelerate decarbonisation

Sutton council waste mountain

That was the waste that was

21 Feb 2014 Sutton Council creates an 11-tonne rubbish mountain with a day's worth of litter


It's time to talk about climate resilience

14 Feb 2014 If climate scientists are right the floods are just a teaser for what is to come - every business needs to start thinking about resilience, not adaptation


How social media has changed the way we find a career

14 Feb 2014 Growing numbers of recruiters specialising in green jobs are turning to social media in order to source candidates

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